Instant Pot Chicken Khao Suey/ Khow Suey

This one pot soup comes from Burma and finds instant appeal with its amazing blend of curry powder and coconut milk poured over a bed of noodles and savoured with a large variety of garnishes including fried onion and garlic, crushed peanuts, spring onions, coriander and a dash of lemon.

Burmese Main Course
Rs. 470
Cooking Time
10-15 Minutes
2 People


What we send: 1 Khao Suey Broth
2 Coconut milk powder + water (180ml) 3 Boiled noodles 4 Fried onion 5 Crushed peanuts 6 Fried noodles 7 Fried garlic

What you Need: 1 Lemon wedges 2 Chopped coriander (optional) 3 Chopped spring onion (optional) 4 Salt to taste